Student`s business incubator
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The student's business incubator develops as part of the transformation into the university center for innovative, technological and social development of the region.

By the student's business incubator the development of the university innovative ecosystem is being implemented, the students, graduate students and teachers are attracted to the innovative and entrepreneurial activities.

One of the key areas is to create an innovative multi-agent office project “START-UP as a diploma”.

The student's business incubator of VolSU is actively transforming in the “full cycle” format from the formation of resident teams to the creation of new small innovative enterprises on the basis of promising technological projects with the potential for commercialization. Now the following projects successfully exist and develop:

- the project “Mobile Patient” (medapp) - Alexander Stolyarov (postgraduate student of IMIT) and Konstantin Dubinko (student of IMIT) - commercial enterprise LLC “Relocus”.

- the project “the strategy for promoting the advertising laboratory in the Department of Marketing at VolSU” - Tsornik I.A. (student)

- the project “Military tactical game “Laser tag” - “In memory of cadet regiments” - Tatyana Serdinova (student of the direction “Tourism”, institute of history, international relations and social technologies)