City of Volgograd
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Volgograd with the population more than 1 mln people is one of the most famous cities in Russia. It was founded in 1589. At that time the city had a different name - Tsaritsyn. In 1925, in the era of Joseph Stalin, Tsaritsyn was renaimed into Stalingrad and bore this name till 1961. 

Volgograd today is a hero-city, that has a rich historical past, and at the same time a developing industrial center of the region. It is a tourist attraction due to its unique historic monuments, nature and architectural places of interest. 
A great amount of architectural monuments, museums and memorials of the region are related to the events of the Great Patriotic War and they are especially valuable. The historical memorial complex “To Heroes of the Stalingrad Battle” on Mamayev Hill and the monument “The Motherland calls” as its focal point are considered to be the main symbols of a hero-city Volgograd and were included into the Seven Wonders of Russia in 2008.

Volgograd is also a large educational center which allows the students who would like to study there to realize their creative potential. Scientific libraries and laboratories, state-of-the-art equipment and highly qualified professors will allow you to be a part of scientific and educational life.

Volgograd is a city of contrasts where the past meets the present. It is the region known for its history, cultural diversity as well as for its endless generosity and hospitality.

Where can you go in Volgograd?

Mamaev kurgan
Panorama-Museum "Stalingrad Battle"
Central Embankment
Museum “Russia - my history”
Volgograd Planetarium
Museum of Local History
Old Sarepta Museum Reserve
Museum of Entertaining Sciences of Einstein
Tsaritsyn Opera Theater
New Experimental Theatre
Central Concert Hall
Professors and students of Volgograd State University created a city-guide Volga Land to make your stay unforgettable.