Buddy Programm
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Volgograd State University is proud to welcome at its campus international exchange students each academic year. In order to give YOU a warm welcome into Russian culture 

liGmqNraeTc.jpgand society, International Office and Volunteer Centre "Proryv" have set up a Buddy program.

The program aims to help YOU to establish a social and academic network starting from day one. We contribute in making the start of the semester a joyful and exciting experience in our city.

By applying to the Buddy Program the exchange student will get a chance to find a friend that can help him around the city and to take care of all the matters such as:

- Pick you up at the airport

- Giving you a tour around Volgograd

- Introduce you to other international students and the nice places to hang out

- Inform you about students activities that will happen during the next semester

- Moreover as your buddy will be a native you will get the chance to find out about all the particularities of  the Russian lifestyle. 

If you're an exchange student looking for a buddy, just send us email to oms@volsu.ru (put Buddy Program in the subject line)!

The sooner you apply the sooner you will get a chance to chat with your buddy through the web!

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                                           Workshop "Making of Russian pancakes", February 2020            Workshop "Painting a wooden spoon", November 2019

                                       11.10.19_1          Untitled

                                            International Evening, October 2019                                            Christmas celebration, December 2019