Dissertation Councils
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Dissertation Councils at VolSU

Code of Dissertation Councils  The List of scientific specialties on which the degrees of the candidate and the doctor of sciences are defended       Contracts

     08.00.01 - Economic Theory      The Chairman – Gorshkova Natalya Valerevna, Doctor of Economics, Associate Professor;

The Scientific Secretary – Shevandrin Andrei Vasilievich, Candidate of Economic Sciences.

Tel.: (8442) 40-55-33

E-mail: D212.029.01@volsu.ru

    08.00.05 - Economics and Management of a National Economy (specialization: Economics, the Organization and Management of Enterprises , Branches, Complexes - Agribusiness and Agriculture; Regional Economics)

     07.00.02 – National History      The Chairman – Sidorov Sergey Grigorievich, Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor;

The Scientific Secretary - Kuznetsov Oleg Viktorovich, Candidate of Historical Sciences, Associate Professor

Tel.: (8442) 40-55-22

E-mail: D212.029.02@volsu.ru

    07.00.03 – Universal History (Ancient History, History of the Middle Ages, New and Contemporary History)
     07.00.09 – Historiography, Source Study and Methods of Historical Research

     09.00.01 - Ontology and Theory of Knowledge      The Chairman – Strizoe Alexander Leonidovich, Doctor of Philosophical Sciences, Professor;

The Scientific Secretary – Khrapova Viktoriya Anatolevna, Doctor of Philosophical Sciences, Associate Professor.

Tel.: (8442) 46-02-72

E-mail: D212.029.03@volsu.ru

    09.00.11 - Social Philosophy
     09.00.13 - Philosophical Anthropology, Philosophy of Culture

     05.25.02 - Documentation, Records management, Archival Studies (Philological Sciences)      The Chairman – Gorban Oksana Anatolevna, Doctor of Philological Sciences, Professor;

The Scientific Secretary – Kosova Marina Vladimirovna, Doctor of Philological Sciences, Professor

Tel.: (8442) 40-55-32

E-mail: D212.029.05@volsu.ru

    10.02.01 – Russian Language
     10.02.04 – Germanic Languages

     22.00.03 - Economic Sociology and Demography      The Chairman – Dulina Nadezhda Vasilievna, Doctor of Sociological Sciences, Professor;

The Scientific Secretary – Poltavskaya Maria Borisovna, Candidate of Sociological Sciences, Associate Professor.

Tel.: (8442) 40-55-99

E-mail: D212.029.06@volsu.ru

    22.00.04 - Social Structure, Social Institutions and Processes

     22.00.06 - Sociology of culture (Sociological Sciences)      The Chairman – Petrova Irina Aleksandrovna, Doctor of Philosophical Sciences, Professor.

The Scientific Secretary – Cheremushnikova Irina Kabdrahimovna, Candidate of Philosophical Sciences, Associate Professor.

Tel.: (8442) 55-17-58

E-mail: cheremushnikova_in@volgmed.ru

     24.00.01 - Theory and History of Culture (Philosophical Sciences)
     24.00.01 - Theory and History of Culture (Historical Sciences)

     01.04.17 – Chemical Physics, Combustion and Explosion, Physics of Extreme States of Matter (Physico-Mathematical Sciences)      The Chairman – Ivanov Anatoly Ivanovich, Doctor of Physico-Mathematical Sciences, Professor;

The Scientific Secretary – Konobeeva Nataliya Nikolaevna, Candidate of Physico-Mathematical Sciences, Associate Professor.

Tel.: (8442) 47-60-51

E-mail: D212.029.09@volsu.ru


05.13.18 - Mathematical Modelling, Numerical Methods and Complexes of Programs (Technical Sciences)