Volgograd State University
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Center for Public Diplomacy of VolSU develops educational dialogue between the youth of Volgograd and Izmir

Center for Public Diplomacy of VolSU continues to strengthen friendship between sister cities by creating platforms for communication of the youth of Volgograd and Izmir.

In the framework of “Volgograd Study Weeks” program, Center for Public Diplomacy of VolSU held a meeting with students of Izmir Democracy University. The aim of the meeting was to strengthen sister cities relations at the educational level, to expand international connections of VolSU, to promote public diplomacy and to develop professional competence of students, as well as their skills in international communication.


The event was opened by Dr. Elena Parubochaya, Director of Center for Public Diplomacy, and Ekaterina Arkhipova, Head of Department of History and International Relations. From the Turkish part, the guests were greeted by Dr. Nurdan Kavakli Ulutaş, professor of Izmir Democracy University.


During the meeting, several VolSU students prepared presentations for Turkish students about education system in the Russian Federation and talked about the contribution of universities to the international humanitarian agenda. A separate block of the meeting was dedicated to the presentation of VolSU and sister cities relations of Volgograd. Students of Department of History and International Relations prepared video fragments for Turkish audience.


Students of Izmir Democracy University shared the information about education system in the Republic of Türkiye and their experience of academic exchange. Besides, Turkish students showed a fascinating video about the city of Izmir.


The meeting was held in a friendly atmosphere; VolSU students had a chance to chat with their colleagues from Izmir Democracy University. This event laid the foundation for Russian-Turkish youth dialogue that will be developed in the framework of the Eastern vector of scientific and educational cooperation of Volgograd State University.

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