Volgograd State University
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VolSU held a “Go Girls!” sports competition

Women are not only about beauty, but also about strength. VolSU female students proved this by taking part in the annual sports competition “Go Girls!”.

Participants performed flexibility exercises, push-ups, standing long jumps and sit-ups.


“I came here because I love sports. I take part in every competition and I can’t miss such events at our university as well. It’s definitely not going to happen without me!” Angelina Tryukhan, a second-year student of Priority Technologies, said. “I have already taken part in all-Russian competitions. We went there together with other VolSU students: we won and took prizes. It’s worth it to start doing sports. But you need to go slow, so that it is enjoyable for you. You need to want to do sports yourself. If a person is shy to start doing sports, they need to find company. When you are together with someone, even if you are shy, you will have fun.


All female students who wanted to test themselves could participate in the competition. Despite the competitive atmosphere, girls supported each other from the beginning of the warm-up to the end of the competition.


“I want to test my strength. I want to prove to myself that I’m not standing still, but moving forward. Last year I also took part in this competition and I want to improve my results”, Elena Vasilyeva, a second-year student of the Institute of Law, said. “There is no need to be afraid of anything and feel shy. Here, in sports, people are the most friendly and supportive. The main thing is to start, make the first step, and the rest will follow by itself.

“The ‘Go Girls!’ competition allows us to test physical qualities and training of our female students and check their sports development,” Tatyana Gladkova, senior lecturer at the Department of Physical Education and Health Technology, said. “Such competitions motivate students to do sports regularly to stay healthy and fit”.


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