Volgograd State University
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VolSU Center for Public Diplomacy held a joint student hackathon with Astana International University

Center for Public Diplomacy of VolSU held a student hackathon together with the students of Astana International University. The event was held in a mixed format. The jury was represented by Prof. Taisiya Marmontova, Astana International University, from the Kazakh part and Dr. Ekaterina Arkhipova, Head of Department of History and International Relations of VolSU, from the Russian part. Dr. Elena Parubochaya and Anna Prygunkova were the moderators of the hackathon. The goal of the meeting was to determine the opinion of the youth on promising directions of international cooperation of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Kazakhstan in current geopolitical conditions.


During the meeting, the students, divided into teams, prepared projects to defend their chosen scenarios for the development of Russian-Kazakh relations. Each side argued its position. The audience was able to ask questions and justify their views.


The event demonstrated that Russian and Kazakh International Relations students retain a clear understanding of the areas of multilateral cooperation between the two countries. They highlighted the problems and risks that Moscow and Astana may face in the medium term.


In order to shape a successful future, it is important to lay the foundation and strengthen mutual dialogue in the present. The Kazakh side emphasized the need to develop a cultural dialogue in order to know and understand each other better. It was decided to continue Russian-Kazakh student meetings on a regular basis.


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