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International scientific and practical conference on Korean studies was held at VolSU

On November 30th, the II International Scientific and Practical Conference "Understanding Korea: History, Culture, Language, Society" was held at Volgograd State University with the support of Kazan Federal University and the Academy of Korean Studies of the Republic of Korea.         

The conference was held in a mixed format. Russian researchers and students, as well as their foreign colleagues, participated in the conference. Students of Volgograd universities spoke in person, while participants from other Russian cities such as Kazan, Yekaterinburg, Chelyabinsk, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, as well as near and far abroad had the opportunity to present their work online via the ZOOM platform. In total, 40 people took part in the conference, among which 29 participated in person, and 11 – online.


The conference included 23 presentations on topics devoted to current issues in the development of research in the history, economy, culture, politics, society and foreign relations of the Republic of Korea.

Welcoming speech on behalf of the leadership of Volgograd State University was performed by the director of the Institute of Life-Long Education, head of the Center for Korean Studies of VolSU Alexei Suslov. In his speech, Alexei Suslov thanked all the participants, organizers and guests of the event and noted the particular importance of the conference within the walls of Volgograd State University, and expressed hope for the strengthening and expansion of interregional and international scientific and educational cooperation of Volgograd State University with foreign and Russian universities on issues of Oriental Studies.

"The scientific and practical conference and the activities of the scientific and educational center "Korean Studies" are implemented as part of the comprehensive university project of international cooperation "The Eastern Vector," Alexey Suslov stressed. "This project is one of the strategic areas of international cooperation of Volgograd State University."

In his welcoming speech, Director of the Institute of International Relations of Kazan Federal University, Ramil Khairutdinov, thanked the conference organizers and participants for their interest in the event and noted the special role of the VolSU Center for Korean Studies in developing Korean studies in the Central and Southern regions of Russia.


The participants were congratulated and welcomed by Professor Ko Young Cheol, Head of the Korea Studies Center. He thanked the organizers of the event, in particular Alla Kalinina, Rector of VolSU, Valentin Dzedik, First Vice Rector of VolSU, and Alexey Suslov, Head of the Korean Studies Center of VolSU, for their work in preparing and holding the conference and expressed hope for further fruitful cooperation between the Korean Studies Center of KFU and VolSU in the field of studying and sharing knowledge and experience between young professionals, researchers in the field of Korean studies.

Mr. Chang In-Young, Education Attaché of the Embassy of the Republic of Korea in the Russian Federation and Director of the Korean Cultural Center, also delivered a welcoming speech. Mr. Chang In-Young wished fruitful and productive work as well as success in the implementation of the plans for the development of the Center for Korean Studies of Volgograd State University. He noted that today's conference will undoubtedly give additional impulse and make a significant contribution to further strengthening and development of bilateral cooperation between Russia and the Republic of Korea in political, scientific, educational, humanitarian and other fields.


On behalf of the Administration of Volgograd Region, the participants and guests of the conference were welcomed by the Deputy Chairman of the Committee for Nationalities and Cossacks of Volgograd Region, Sergey Dyachenko. He stressed that the knowledge gained at the conference will serve as a basis for strengthening the traditions of mutual understanding, respect and friendship, developed in the process of centuries-old cohabitation and interaction of different ethnic groups on the territory of Volgograd region. The theme of the conference once again emphasizes the diversity of religions and nationalities of the region, its rich cultural and social life. According to Sergey Dyachenko, Volgograd Koreans actively participate in the life of the region, easily integrated into its multinational atmosphere, while maintaining their unique identity. They have a lot of stories to tell and best practices to offer to their colleagues during today's conference. Sergey Dyachenko wished the conference participants success in their work and thanked all the organizers of this international event.

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