Volgograd State University
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Representatives of VolSU and Renmin University of China discussed the cooperation expansion

For many years, Volgograd State University has been actively developing academic and scientific relations with Chinese partner universities. As part of cooperation between Volgograd State University and Renmin University of China in Beijing, an online meeting on deepening cooperation in the field of journalism and the Russian language was held.

From the part of VolSU, the participants of the meeting were Dr. Marina Fadeeva, Director of the Institute of Philology and Intercultural Communication, Dr. Evgeniya Dmitriyeva, Head of the Department of Russian Philology and Journalism, Prof. Dr. Alexander Mlechko, Oksana Cherkasova, Head of International Office, and Yulia Klinkova, Interpreter of International Office.

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From the part of Renmin University of China, the meeting was attended by Prof. Yong Zhou, Executive Dean of School of Journalism and Communication, Prof. Huifeng Zhang, Chairperson of School Council, Ms. Yuan Lin, Deputy Director of International Office, Prof. Yan Yan, Associate Dean of School of Journalism and Communication, Prof. Yonghua Zhao, and Jin Zhao, Ph.D. Research Associate & Foreign Affairs Secretary.


New promising directions of cooperation between the two institutes, further development of academic mobility, carrying out joint scientific research, exchange of best practices and participation in international grants were among the issues considered at the meeting. In addition, the parties discussed the possibility of organizing summer and winter schools for students studying journalism and the Russian language, holding lectures and workshops by professors of VolSU and Renmin University of China, as well as participation in international conferences held by the two universities.

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