Volgograd State University
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Best educational programs among the universities of the region realized by VolSU

58e739b50e502.jpgVolgograd State University is the absolute winner in the Volgograd region according to the results of the "Best Educational Programs of Innovative Russia" contest project.

VolSU realizes 59 best educational programs among which are "Applied Mathematics and Computer Science", "Journalism", "Economics", "Linguistics", "Ecology and Nature Management", "Mathematical Support and Administration of Information Systems", "Philology", "Social Work", "Computer Science and Computing", "Physics", "Applied Computer Science", "Biology", "Forensics", "Fundamental and Applied Linguistics", "Jurisprudence", "Sociology", "Infocommunication Technologies and Communication Systems", "Radio Engineering", "State and Municipal Management", "Management", "Software Engineering", "Information Security of Automated Systems", "Information Systems and Technologies", etc.

The following achievements were taken into account by the organizers: program evaluation by experts, student scholarships (regional, federal, by industry and employers), grants received by students for research and academic internships, victories in student competitions and contests, (international, federal, regional levels), certificates received by students based on independent evaluation of their training quality, the total H-index of program professors, availability and levels of professional and public accreditation, average score of State Exams (for admission), certificates of independent program evaluation (Federal Internet Exam in the Sphere of Professional Education, Federal Internet Exam for Bachelor's Graduates), international activities (level of presence in international subject rankings).

It should be noted that VolSU has been leading the rating of the best educational programs among Volgograd universities since 2012.

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The partner organizers of the "Best Educational Programs of Innovative Russia" project are the National Center of Public-Professional Accreditation, the Guild of Experts in the field of professional education and the Editorial Board of the "Accreditation in Education" magazine.

Other Volgograd universities also took part in the contest: 45 programs were recognized the best in Volgograd State Technical University. Volgograd State Social and Pedagogical University has 8 such programs.

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